Newsletter 5

Dear smusi members

With this newsletter we want to inform you about the past and upcoming events of our students’ organization. With the warmer weather the most beautiful period starts – hopefully you can enjoy the warmer days here in Ticino.

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our events.

Your smusi EB,

Linda, Maurizio, Selin, Lorenzo, Helen, Fiona, Chiara, Valeria


Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for our upcoming events - if you would like to help us organizing some events, reach out to us at

27.04.2023: Aperitivo with students from ETH
06.05.2023: swimsa Delegates Assembly
08.05.2023: smusi GV / PubQuiz
17.05.2023: BBQ
01.06.2023: end of semester BBQ

March Meeting Estonia

From the 1st-7th of March 2023 18 medical students from Switzerland participated at the General Assembly of IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students’ Association) in Estonia. The event brought 800 medical students from all over the world together and encouraged them to exchange their experiences in the areas of Public Health, Exchanges, Human Rights and Medical Education. Among these students, three students represented USI: Jakub Novotny (5th year) and Erica Piccinni (4th year) participated in the organization management session, whereas Valeria Scheiwiller (5th year) led the plenary sessions as Chairperson.

IFMSA Estonia


On the 10th of March 54 medical students of the university of Lugano headed to the mountain village of Stoos to spend time together and enjoy the unbelievable nature high above the lake of Lucerne in the Skihouse Staffel. The Friday evening started with some delay since the train connection from Lugano to Stoos was interrupted. But the organization committee with kind help of the other students prepared Fajitas, to welcome the lost souls and to celebrate Fajita-night! The next day after breakfast the students awoke in a winter-wonderland: the snowing had no intention to stop.

Nevertheless, the brave students performed different activities, everything from skiing, hiking, playing games, sleeping, reading, and even enjoying a trip to the spa. Many new connections were formed, while having a nice time together inside in the cozy Skihouse and outside in the snow.

On Saturday evening everybody gathered for supper and the day ended with an entertaining pub quiz, followed by some elegant, fresh, and sometimes courageous dance moves. Sadly, the weekend together already came to an end shortly after the breakfast on Sunday since the weather got warmer and it started raining. At least this time SBB brought us home in time.


A day at the AK/CoFo

Some of you might wonder what AK/CoFo stands for. It is short for Ausbildungskommission or in French, Commission de formation and it’s swimsas panel for medical education. In this edition of the newsletter, we would like to share with you the experiences we had during the last year. Obviously, we’re also hoping to plant a spark of motivation in someone's heart to make sure the smusi delegation will continue to attend the meetings! 😉

The AK/CoFo meeting takes place in Bern, three times during the semester, on a weekend. To be there on time, there’s sadly no Saturday or Sunday sleep in. But don’t worry about the travel cost, since it is an official meeting, you’ll get your tickets reimbursed. Once you arrive at Bern train station, you just must find the right path through the station's labyrinth and you’re already there.
At 9.30 there’s always some croissants and coffee waiting for you, then the meeting starts. We usually start with updates from the different medical faculties, also the chiropractic’s and pharmacologist’s associations delegates might be there to share. The meeting continues with updates by the Liaison Officers and the VPA (Vice President for education), the chief of the AK, himself. Small working groups lead by people within the AK present their progress. Afterwards there’s always time for other topics; here an example:

Something we discussed at the last AK was the podcast situation which was particularly concerning at the beginning of this semester. And right after the meeting we sent the most important arguments to our representatives at the study commission who were able to get the podcasts back to us – success! And that’s how it goes.
After the meeting, whoever wants is invited to join the VPA for lunch in Bern and if you still have other things to do, you’ll most likely catch a train leaving from Bern at 1o’clock. And yes your train ticket to Bern will be covered by swimsa.

Lugano’s Anatomy

Dear medical students,

on Friday, 14.04. we will once again celebrate the Lugano’s Anatomy and are happy to announce that you can also benefit from the free entrance for medical students!

We are looking forward to seeing you,
your Lugano’s Anatomy Team

smusi Anatomy

Best Teacher Awards

To honor our favorite clinical teacher and our best lecturer the students voted last semester for their “favorite teacher/clinician”. The winners for the Autumn Semester 2022 were

1. Semester
Best clinician = Mathilde Rochat
Best teacher = Olivier Giannini

2. Semester
Best clinician = Marco Delcogliano
Best teacher = Paolo Merlani

The winners received an email congratulating them on their award and attached an award certificate.
A big thank you to everyone who participated 🫶🏻