About us

smusi stands for "Studenti di medicina dell'USI". The society was established in autumn of 2020 with the first semester of medical students starting at USI.
smusi is an association of and for the medical students at USI. We stand up for the students wishes. By organizing events and other opportunities to connect, smusi promotes interaction between students within USI and with other universities.
smusi is officially recognized by swimsa, the swiss medical students association.

Medicine at USI

The università della svizzera italiana, USI, is located in Lugano in the southern, Italian speaking part of switzerland.
The Faculty of biomedical sciences at USI was founded in 2014. The first students of the master in medicine were welcomed in 2020. Together with the ETH Zürich and University of Basel, USI is contributing to a solution against the increasing shortage of medical doctors in switzerland. To get more infos about the faculty and USI follow this link: https://www.biomed.usi.ch/en


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